New York Yankees: We Never Should Have Doubted Derek Jeter

By Steve Skinner

Many New York Yankees fans, including yours truly, began this season wondering whether our captain, Derek Jeter, had begun the slide down into the twilight of his career.  Even though he had a wonderful second half to 2011, we all questioned if he could put together another full MVP-type season.  I went so far as to write an article arguing that our beloved shortstop should be moved down in the order.  I was wrong.

The beginning of 2012 has shown me that the New York Yankees captain still has life in his game.  Sixteen games into the season Jeter is hitting .411 including .423 with runners on base, and his .436 on-base percentage warrants a spot at the top of the order.  He seems to have extra spring in his step and a quickness that did not exist in 2011.  As reported in Bleeding Yankee Blue, Jeter dismissed the theory that his struggles last season were the result of the pressure surrounding his reaching 3000 hits and that they were a “mechanical thing”.  What ever the case may be, our beloved captain – a New York Yankees legend – is back.  We should all enjoy this now as a talent like Derek Jeter only comes around once or twice in a lifetime.  Only the truly great ones rise to the occasion when all around them cast doubt their way.  Derek Jeter is a truly great one.

Derek, I’ll never doubt you again.  I should have known all along that you are smart enough to know when it is time to close the curtain on your storybook career.  So, on behalf of New York Yankees fans everywhere, I offer up this “Pinstripe” version of the “Our Father”:

“Our Captain”

Our Captain, who art in the Bronx,

hallowed be the basepaths you run on.

Thy hits do come.

Thy will be done,

On the field and in the clubhouse.

Give us this day our daily double play,

and forgive us for doubting you,

as we forgive the first half of last season you placed upon us.

And lead us not to just a division title,

but deliver us another World Series Championship.

For thine is the Hall of Fame with a bronze bust,

and the glory for ever and ever.




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