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Video: Frank Thomas Shoots the Puck During a Chicago Blackhawks Game

Chicago White Sox future Hall of Fame 1B/DH Frank Thomas should stick to baseball. Thomas, whose career slash line of .301/.419/.555 is one of the best of all-time, attempted to shoot the puck into the net from center ice during the Chicago Blackhawks’ game, failing as miserably as the Blackhawks did last night against the Phoenix Coyotes. Do I care Frank Thomas stinks at hockey? No, because he’s my favorite athlete of all-time.

If you were a kid from the Midwest during the 90s, you loved Frank Thomas. And if you didn’t love Frank Thomas, you were a bonafide loser! Frank Thomas was cool before the whole Sammy Sosa thing was. Unlike Sosa, Frank Thomas was never linked to steroids, corked his bat, or bleached his skin white. Ergo, Frank Thomas is still the man in the Windy City!

I have no idea why the Big Hurt was there, but it’s probably to promote his epic brewing company – Big Hurt Beer. This past fall, I tried Big Hurt Beer for the first time, and it changed my life. Kidding. It was pretty bad, but you better believe I’m going to drink Big Hurt Beer whenever I get the chance because of my Frank Thomas obsession.

Ever since Little League, I was number 35 whenever I had the chance, as every Little Leaguer did during that time. When I was nine years old, I waited over six hours in line to get a Frank Thomas autograph. Lastly, every one of my e-mail addresses have the number 35 in it, so you can easily tell I am a bit of a fan.

Even though Frank Thomas is mostly associated with the Chicago White Sox, he did have some good seasons with the Oakland A’s and Toronto Blue Jays at the end of his career. In 2006, at the age of 38, Frank Thomas finished 4th in MVP voting for Oakland, having the slash line of .270/.381/.545.