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Video: New York Mets Fans Welcome Back Jose Reyes To Citi Field

Current Miami Marlins shortstop Jose Reyes and his former team the New York Mets parted ways on awful terms that led Reyes to say the Mets did not care about him. However, the Mets organization may not have had friendly terms with Reyes but the Mets faithful still love Reyes and they welcomed Reyes back to Citi Field Tuesday afternoon during the Marlins pre-game work outs.

Reyes agreed to a six-year, $102 million deal with the Marlins over the Winter and left the Mets fans bitter with their organization for not doing more to sign the veteran shorstop that had been with the team since the beginning of his career. Reyes left behind a few playoff appearances and a batting title in Queens as he moved to the young Marlins club in downtown Miami.

Tuesday night, the Marlins will square off against the Mets in a National League East division game. A win for either club would help them drastically in the beginning of the season. The new look Marlins are starting out sluggish with a 7-8 record while the Mets are exceeding expectations with an 8-7 record so far this season.

The Fish will send out Josh Johnson to face Mets ace Johan Santana. Johnson is 0-2 this season boasting an ERA of 5.94 ERA. Santana this season is also 0-2 with a slightly better 3.97 ERA. Hopefully one of these aces can pick up their first wins of the season with both pitchers being injury plagued the past few years.

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