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Video: New York Yankees’ OF Andruw Jones Uses Fan for a Warm-up Partner

New York Yankees’ outfielder Andruw Jones just wanted to warm up in left field. So when Jones didn’t have a partner to play with, he looked to the crowd in the Ballpark in Arlington for assistance. Normally, the leftfielder warms up with the centerfielder, or he gets some bullpen loser to play catch with. Apparently, Andruw Jones upset someone if he had to stoop to this level.

Andruw Jones is a former Texas Ranger, so I guess it’s possible he had some sort of cult like following there. In his one season in Texas, Jones hit only .214, but had a .459 slugging percentage. So when he did make contact, he made it count at least. Since playing with Texas, Jones went to the Chicago White Sox, where he played pretty well, even hitting his #400 career homer for the team. And now as you clearly see, he plays for the New York Yankees.

It’s nice to see players acknowledging fans, though. A few weeks ago, Kansas City Royals’ right fielder, Jeff Francouer, bought bacon pizzas for the nutjobs that are located in Oakland’s right field bleacher section. Francouer’s method of payment is what made it even better. Francouer wrapped a $100 dollar pill around a baseball and threw it up to the crowd, telling the fans to do whatever they wanted with the $100 dollar bill. While Jones’ might not take it to that extreme, it’s still pretty cool to involve a fan in a simple game of catch. He gave that fan a story to tell the rest of his life, which is something not every ballplayer could say.