Wally Backman Will Not Be The New York Mets Savior

By Tyler Moore

Anyone who knows me should know I love Wally Backman. Especially if you knew me after the 2010 New York Mets season, when Wally Backman was in the running for manager. Ultimately, Terry Collins wound up getting the job. After the hiring of Sandy Alderson, I made it clear that I supported Wally Backman, because I felt he was best for the job. Recently, Jon Presser said that he was convinced that Terry Collins was the right man for the job. I completely agree.

Something that some fans don’t realize is that things wouldn’t be much different for the New York Mets if Wally Backman was manager. He’s a great manager, and I’ve had the privilege of watching him manage in person. However, he would still have to work with the same players that Collins has to manage, so the results wouldn’t be much different. The fundamentals may be a bit better, but that ultimately is up to the players to improve on, as the manager can’t be on the players about every missed fundamental, he has more important things to do. What else would change?

There’s a reason I was backing Wally Backman when the New York Mets were looking for a new manager after the 2010 season. Actually, there’s two. One is that I consider him to be a great manager. The other is because I consider him to be feisty, and to do anything it takes to help his team and players. If  you’ve ever seen clips from Playing for Peanuts, it shows. He is also a great leader.

However, Wally Backman wouldn’t change much, and some fans have him pegged to be the savior of this team. He won’t be. As great of a manager as he his, with the flaws this team has, some holes need to be filled with viable options. He’ll work great with the players, but the flaws will still remain. There’s a reason he wound up deciding not to try for the Washington Nationals managerial position this past offseason. He wants to become manager for the team he played for, the team he won a ring with, the New York Mets. I don’t doubt it’ll happen, and it will likely happen right after Terry Collins is no longer managing this team, but that isn’t set in stone. Neither is how good he’ll be able to do with the major league team. However, while Collins is still managing this team, whether we like him or we don’t, we should show him our support. Will he make some moves we don’t like? Yes. However he is still the manager of the team we are fans of, and should receive our support for that reason, until he is gone.

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