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The 5 Biggest Surprises to Start the 2012 MLB Season

Baseball is a funny game sometimes. One year everything can go your way, and then the next year everything goes wrong or vice versa. It might be a matter of luck (BABIP, FIP, LD% etc.), or it might be the start of a decline. No one really knows until they step into the batter’s box or on the pitching mound the following year.

Although the month of April is way too early to judge any player, it does give us a small glimpse on how well players can perform. Bad Aprils can lead into bad Mays, which could lead into a bad first half, totally ruining your entire season. But it works both ways, seeing as a great April can give a player confidence that lasts throughout the season.

So far in 2012, we have already seen a handful of players who have rebounded greatly from their abysmal 2011 season. And although it is an extremly small sample size, we can try to figure out the key to success for many of the reboundees (it’s a word).

Whether it is players who are playing to their career averages or players hitting/pitching way over their head, these are baseball’s five biggest surprises thus far in the 2012 season. Now, I wouldn’t be surprised by the time May hits all these lucky saps are stinking it up again, but let’s look at it with the glass half full outlook! Now without further ago, let’s take a look at these five lucky son of a guns, shall we?