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The Best Player in LA and in Baseball

Before the 2012 season the question of the best player in baseball was answered; Albert Pujols, and in Los Angeles, Matt Kemp was the man.

Then when Pujols came to LA, Matt Kemp’s crown was taken away and Big Al not only had the title of best in baseball but best in LA.

Not so much nows huh Albert?

Do you guys remember this commercial’s?

Albert Pujols, the Machine

He was right wasn’t he? He’s not a machine…as of right now the highest player in LA is hitting .222 with 0, yes ZERO home-runs, and only 4 RBI’s. Now…I’ll give him this, of his 16 hits, 7 of them are doubles so he is getting the ball far but doubles are warning track power and with 11 strike outs and only 6 walks, it shows pitchers are no longer afraid of pitching to Big al.

On the other hand, Matt “The Beast” Kemp is hitting .449, 10 HRs and 23 RBI’s, all leading not only LA, or the National League but all of Major League baseaball. That also includes, run’s, hits, on base percentage, slugging and OPS.

Yeah…Kemp is now officially the best player in baseball and showing all who deserves to be MVP not only in 2011 but this year and many more to come.

When I used to talk of Kemp’s potential, I always felt he would top out at something like he did last year, a .300 hitter with 30 HR’s, 110 RBI’s, 30 SB and so on but he’s now showing he can be more, he’s not only their best player but he also shows the Dodgers how to play this game right, with heart and passion and the team (mostly) follows suit, heck look at Andre Ethier, he’s right behind Kemp in the MLB in RBIs, that’s just amazing.

I’ve always been a Matt Kemp fan but even more so now, after Torre left and Mattingly took over and Davey Lopes became his mentor, Matt Kemp does the right things, says the right things, and hits everything. He is baseball’s ambassador and the best player in baseball.