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Today in Chicago Cubs History: April 26

April 26 is a notable day in Chicago Cubs history on a couple of very different fronts– one having to do with the game itself, and another with a ballpark staple which was once thought to be an oddity.

On April 26, 1941, the Cubs became the first team to play organ music in a ballpark. Prior to this time, no other team in the Major Leagues had an organ installed in their park. The Cubs actually hooked up the organ to public system on April 26th as a one-time stunt, but the fans loved it so much that it became a permanent part of the Wrigley field experience which Cubs fans still enjoy today.

One of the more interesting fielding feats in Cubs history took place on April 26th as well, this time in 1905. Jack McCarthy, the Cubs center fielder, started three double plays off of catches in the outfield in the same game. Since 1905, no other outfielder has ever replicated this feat. To add to the impressive nature of McCarthy’s plays, each of the runners he threw out at their respective bases for the second outs of the DPs represented what could have been the tying run for the Pittsburgh Pirates in what concluded as a 2-1 Cubs victory at Wrigley Field.

Throwing out three runners from the outfield to finish a double-play vary rarely happens even once a game, much less three times in the same game. Seeing this take place must have been quite a treat for the lucky fans at Wrigley that day.

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