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The New York Mets three game sweep over the Miami Marlins

The New York Mets swept a three game series with the Miami Marlins today.  It was a big series for them as they had been scuffling a little.  The Mets are now 11-8 on the season and feeling good right now.  Why did the Mets sweep the three game series??

The Mets swept the series because they were able to pitch and pitch very well.  They were also able to get some timely hitting.  The Mets pitching is what could carry them, the pressure comes off of the offense when the pitching is going well.  If the Mets pitchers are able to keep the Mets in games then they have a chance to win a decent amount of games.  They have guys who can do it, Johan Santana had a great bounce back outing.  The Mets like most teams will live and die with their pitching.

The rotation with Santana, R.A. Dickey, Jon Niese is a pretty good one.  They may have lost Mike Pelfrey for a while and that isn’t good news but it is time for another pitcher to step up.  You never know who it could be.  Chris Shwinden may be a guy who comes up and does really well and it works out for the Mets.

The Mets also have to manufacture runs and take advantage of runners in scoring position.  I don’t think anyone would consider them a real powerful team like the Yankees or Rangers.  The Mets when all healthy and clicking don’t have a bad offense.  Ike Davis is struggling a lot right now though and Jason Bay continues to be Bay and is now also hurt once again.  The Mets have to do a lot of little things right to score runs and win games.

I think this was a very big series for them as they started to lose the momentum that they had going early in the season.  I think they were able to get some of that back especially at home in these three games.  They can now move on to the road and have some confidence moving forward.  The Mets right now are 11-8 and you can’t ask for much more then that as a Mets fan.