Damn, Pittsburgh Pirates! Atlanta Braves’ Brian McCann Hurt Again

This is getting a little ridiculous, right? The last two games Brian McCann has played against the Pittsburgh Pirates have resulted in an injury. Last season, McCann injured his oblique in the 19th inning game the Pirates and Atlanta Braves played on July 26. Last night, McCann left the game in the fifth inning after grounding out to second base. More after the jump

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution the injury isn’t considered as serious as last season’s injury. Here is the initial prognosis:

“strained intercostal muscle in his right side. It’s not considered as serious as a strained oblique muscle and something the Braves are holding out hope will just require a few days off.”

“Just want to be smart about things and make sure I make this a day or two or three thing instead of a DL stint,” McCann said. “Just precautionary reasons. We wanted to make sure it heals up.”

It is wise to treat this as cautionary as possible. The last thing the Braves want and need is to lose McCann for an extended period of time.

Maybe the Braves should be more cautious when playing the Pirates from now on. Giving McCann a series off would be rash, but maybe would be a decent thing to consider to keep their catcher healthy.

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  • George

    ARe you not familiar with the conept of a coincidence, Mr. Rantig Sportser? Oh sure, give B-MC a series off. Your a worse manager than FrediGOn.

    • http://www.tomahawktalk.com Chad

      Georgie, you obviously missed the point.

      I am not a manager. I blog for one of your favorite blogs.

  • http://pearlsofwit2.wordpress.com Scotty Duttuno

    damn dude that is some bad luck but naw jorgie porgie is right we cant sit mcccan every time we play the pirates hes too good a hitter and maybe our best player cuz hes a catcher but maybe not now that freddy and justin haywood are doing so good and uggz hits good but is not good at the middle base man job and chipper is great when he plays every other game and of course our pitchers dont count in this discussion but yeah bryan mccann is too good to sit and this is not a real curse of the pirates who suck anyway even worse than last year when they were pretty good at first

    • http://www.tomahawktalk.com Chad

      Rule #1 – never agree with Georgie.

      You missed the point too.