New York Mets Get First Cycle Since Jose Reyes In 2006

By Tyler Moore

Last night, Scott Hairston hit for the cycle for the New York Mets. He achieved the feat against the Colorado Rockies in Colorado. The game was a crazy one, and ended in a football score, 18-9. While I am happy for Scott Hairston for his achievement, I think he was the wrong member of the New York Mets to hit for it.

Scott Hairston is not going to be here long term. I think someone who will be should’ve gotten the triple to replace Jose Reyes for most recent cycle for the New York Mets. I thin someone like David Wright, Ruben Tejada, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, or  Ike Davis. Not someone who won’t be here for the long haul, like Scott Hairston. Sure, Hairston will be here the rest of the season, but Wright, Tejada, Nieuwenhuis, and Davis are going to be here much longer than just this season. Wright will probably be here until he retires. The New York Mets didn’t put much effort into resigning Reyes, showing their confidence in Tejada that he’ll be their shortstop for quite a few years. Davis is going to remain the first baseman for years.

Of the choices mentioned above, I would have preferred that either David Wright or Ruben Tejada become the most recent member of the New York Mets to do it. Why? David Wright is going to be a member of the team for the rest of his career, I know both sides want that and will work hard to achieve that. He worked hard along side of Reyes on the that side of the New York Mets infield for years. He is also the face of this franchise. As for Ruben Tejada, considering he is the player who replaced Jose Reyes at shortstop, it would be quite fitting if he hit for the cycle to replace Jose Reyes as the most recent member of the New York Mets to do so.

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