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Cincinnati Reds: An Assessment One Month Into the Season – Part II

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In Part I of my observations of the Cincinnati Reds, I looked at the starting pitching in the first month’s worth of work this season.  In Part II, I will look at the relief pitching for the Reds.

Being such a huge Aroldis Chapman fan, I am going to start with him.  Full disclosure, I am a homer for Chapman.  However, even through my biased eyes, I have seen nothing to suggest he isn’t an AMAZING pitcher.  He has appeared in 9 games, pitched 12.1 innings and is yet to give up a run.  He is second only to Johnny Cueto in strikeouts with 21.  Most importantly for Chapman and the Cincinnati Reds, he has only walked 4 batters.  Wildness is what got him last year.  Not so this season.  However, I’ve said it before; he must be used in a more prominent role.  It’s a waste to have him as a set-up man, just a waste.

Logan Ondrusek has just been spectacular.  He has appeared in 12 games and has not allowed a single run.  I don’t know of anyone outside of the Cincinnati Reds’ organization who saw this type of performance from Ondrusek.  I know I didn’t.

Chosen closer for the Cincinnati Reds is Sean Marshall (0-2). Marshall has appeared in 9 games and has an ERA of 5.40.  While he’s no Chapman, he has been productive in save situations.  He has the only 5 saves for the club and got those in 6 opportunities.  He doesn’t scare me the way Francisco Cordero did last year, but I’m not all that confident when he comes in either.

Rounding out the main part of the bullpen for the Cincinnati Reds is Jose Arredondo (2-0) and Sam LeCure (0-1).  Arredondo has been a great surprise for me.  I didn’t trust him either last year.  LeCure has had some bright moments for the team.

Prognostications –Marshall will remain the closer at least until Nick Massett returns.  Massett might get a shot at the spot, especially if Marshall has more meltdown moments like he did against the San Francisco Giants.  Chapman will be moved to starter.  Ondrusek and Arredondo will settle in as set-up men and long relief.  The bullpen will be able to overcome the loss of Ryan Madson and be, as a unit, a solid contributor to the Cincinnati Reds.

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