MLB Suspends Detroit Tigers Outfielder Delmon Young Seven Days Following His Arrest

MLB has decided to suspend Detroit Tigers Outfielder Delmon Young seven days without pay following his arrest on a hate crime harassment charge last week in New York.

The commissioner’s office said the suspension is retroactive to Friday, when Young was arrested after a late-night tussle at his hotel during which police say he yelled anti-Semitic phrases to the gentlemen.

”Those associated with our game should meet the responsibilities and standards that stem from our game’s stature as a social institution,” Commissioner Bud Selig said in a statement. ”An incident like this cannot and will not be tolerated. I understand that Mr. Young is regretful, and it is my expectation that he will learn from this unfortunate episode.”

The statement from Selig’s office also said that Young would be required to participate in a treatment program.

Young is eligible for reinstatement from the restricted list May 4.

The suspension will cost Young approximately $257,240 of his $6,725,000 salary. (He is so overpaid it’s ridiculous)

Detroit general manager Dave Dombrowski said Young has chosen not to appeal the ruling handed down by MLB and that he will not face additional discipline by the team when he comes off the restricted list Friday.

”Under the (collective bargaining agreement), there’s no dual discipline,” he said. ”He’ll be activated and ready to play on Friday. If he’s not in the lineup, that will be the manager’s decision. He’s been working out over the weekend, and took batting practice today, so he’ll be physically ready on Friday.”

The New York Post first reported that police were called around 2:40 a.m. after Young was allegedly involved in a scuffle with a 32-year-old man and pushed him to the ground, causing minor scratches. He also reportedly yelled anti-Semitic phrases to the gentlemen. Police ultimitely arrested Young and charged him with assault after the fight that occurred early Friday morning outside of the team’s hotel in midtown Manhattan. Young was so intoxicated in fact that he had to spend the night at a hospital and needed to sober up before being taken to jail to be booked.

As I said in my previous article regarding this situation, there is no reason to keep Young on the very talented Tigers team. Trade him if you can, otherwise just get rid of him. He is a distraction and honestly, doesn’t play all that well to begin with. This season, he has started off hitting just .242 with one homer and five rbi. He also has 15 k’s through just 18 games.

In my opinion, Detroit would be way better off without this distraction.

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