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The Yankees win two out of three against the Detroit Tigers

The New York Yankees just completed a three game series with the Detroit Tigers.  The Yankees took two out of three games.  They won on Friday night and then on Sunday afternoon.  The Tigers were able to get a victory on Saturday evening.  The Tigers have a good team but have been struggling, they posed a good test for the Yankees pitching.  Here is a quick recap of the series and why the Yankees were able to win the series.

The Yankees won 7-6 on Friday night in walk-off fashion.  Derek Jeter scored the winning run on a passed ball.  Ivan Nova started the game for the Yankees and didn’t pitch that well.  The bullpen pitched very well and Mariano Rivera was able to pick up his first victory of the season.  Alex Rodriguez had three hits and two RBI in the game and Nick Swisher had a couple of hits.

In the second game on Saturday the Yankees lost 7-5.  Freddy Garcia started and was just awful for the Yankees.  Doug Smyly started for the Tigers and was very good in picking up his first win.  The Yankees were able to rally late against Jose Valverde and just missed tying the game on a two run homerun but the ball was caught on the warning track to end the game.  The Yankees bullpen once again was very good giving the offense a chance to get back into it.  Swisher and Curtis Granderson each had two hits and two RBI.

The Yankees won the final game of the series on Sunday afternoon.  The final score of that game was 6-2.  CC Sabathia was great as he had his best start of the season.  Derek Jeter, Andruw Jones, Eric Chavez and Robinson Cano each had two hits.

Why did the Yankees win this series.  The easy answer is usually pitching but I would be more specific in this series and say their bullpen.  The Yankees bullpen has been great all season, was great last year also and this year has been no different.  The bullpen even gave them a chance to get back in it on Saturday and they did and almost tied the game up.  If it wasn’t for the bullpen holding them on Friday night I am not sure that the Yankees would of come back in that game.

The other reason the Yankees won this series is because they had their ace going in the rubber game and he restored some order to the pitching staff.  The Yankees starting pitching has been really struggling but Sabathia is starting to turn it around.  The Yankees are hoping that the rest of the starters can follow his lead and they can get on a roll.  That would also help out the bullpen who could use a rest as they have been used so much early on.

The Yankees offense did not win them this series although they did have some big hits.  I would say it was more of the Yankees bullpen being better then the Tigers bullpen.  The Yankees offense did some damage against the Tigers bullpen but I think that is more of the Tigers bullpen not being so great and the Yankees bullpen being great.