Albert Pujols and the Homerless Drought

By d.j. Stockton

Here we are on May 1, 2012 and Albert Pujols does not have a home run.  I’m not worried but then again I’m not the one with him on any one of my Fantasy Teams because my highest draft pick was 9th.  But I’m sure you’re not reading this to find that out.  The home runs will come . . . well, at least everyone on the Los Angeles Angels hope so along with every member of their fan base.  And sure, it’s the longest homerless drought of his career but he’ll go yard soon enough and learn that a home run trot is just like riding a bike minus the chance of falling, just ask Jeremy Guthrie about that but don’t ask Kendrys Morales for obvious reasons.  If he’s worried that he will never hit one again let me assure him that he will because that’s what he does or at least used to do.


It’s been 120 at-bats or so and I understand all the hoopla that has surrounded Pujols but I am here to calm your worries because I predict that Albert Pujols will hit a homer sometime after I finish writing this if not the actual day that it’s published.  I come to that assumption because, well, he’s due and it would make perfect sense if I were to finish this and Pujols would go deep making this obsolete.  I’d understand and would forgive him because he’s such a great guy and role model for both young kids and adults (for those of us who don’t have kids).  Yet, last time I checked, being a great guy doesn’t keep the fans at the ballpark happy especially after you’ve signed a 10 year $254 million deal and were supposed to anchor a lineup.  A lineup that wasn’t supposed to be offensively challenged and certainly not ranked last in the AL West but don’t worry, I am absolutely sure that the Angels will finish with a better record than the Chicago Cubs whether or not Pujols clears that outfield wall.


For some reassurance let me tell you that there are plenty of players that have gone through April without a homerun.  Players like Rey Sanchez, Rey Ordonez, Ozzie Smith, John Cangelosi, Milton Bradley, Robin Yount and tons of Hall of Fame pitchers.  So Albert Pujols is not alone in having a zero in that homerun category as the calendar flips to May.  You can check out what players don’t have a home this year here:


I have a theory as to why Pujols has not one yet.  You people in Los Angeles need to look no further than to the other team in your city.  The person you can blame for Pujols’ long drought is Matt Kemp.  Yes, the guy who is batting near .500 at the moment with 12 home runs.  He has simply stolen all the homers from Albert Pujols.  Now, I’m not sure what kind of legal action could be taken by Pujols’ camp or anyone who might want to pursue it because the only proof is the lack of power on one side and an overwhelming supply on the other.  I’m sure there’s a connection though even if it is just a theory.


So, in my best guess Albert Pujols will hit a home run before the end of the season, that being the 2012 Season just to specify.  And in all seriousness, Pujols is pulling off the ball a bit; it’s that front hip flying open ever so slightly.  He’ll get it corrected and go on an absolute tear soon.  With that first home run some of the pressure of that huge contract will ease and the Albert of old will officially make his home at Angel Stadium.

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