Johan Santana Deserves A Lot Better From The New York Mets

By Tyler Moore

Johan Santana has pitched brilliantly this season after missing all of last year. Yet, despite pitching well for the New York Mets, he has a record of 0-2. He’s had five starts, and three of those games the New York Mets won, but he didn’t get the win. In fact, between all of his first four starts, he pitched a total of 18 innings, and his team scored a total of zero runs while he was still pitching. Johan Santana deserves better from this team.

The final scores of his five starts were: 1-0 win against the Atlanta Braves on April 5th, a 4-0 loss against the Washington Nationals on April 11th, a 9-3 loss against the Atlanta Braves on April 17th, a 2-1 win against the Miami Marlins on April 24th, and a 6-5 win against the Colorado Rockies on April 29th. Up until the start against the Rockies, the New York Mets didn’t score any runs until after he was pulled from the game and someone else was pitching. He had one bad outing this season so far, and that was against the Braves during the 9-3 loss, in which he gave up six runs, four earned, in 1.1 innings. In the rest of his starts, he didn’t wind up giving up more than one run in any start. He has given up a total of eight runs, six earned, in 24 innings, for an earned run average of 2.25. Batters are hitting .184 against him. Yet he still doesn’t have a win this year. Johan Santana deserves better.

Johan Santana finally was given some run support by the New York Mets on Sunday against the Rockies, leaving with a 4-0 lead. However, the bullpen blew that lead, and the Mets wind up having to win in extras. Johan Santana has allowed no runs in two of his starts. He has allowed only one run in two of his starts as well. He sets this team up to win, and they don’t take advantage while he’s pitching. He has started two games that ended in a shutout, and three games that wound up being decided by one run. The two losses that Santana has this year came off of a one run outing in which the Mets got shut out 4-0 by the Nationals, and his bad outing against the Braves. I understand that this team tends to face the ace when he is pitching, but Johan Santana deserves better from the New York Mets. This team needs to start showing him support, not only offensively but also from the bullpen.

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