Video: Former Atlanta Braves Closer John Smoltz Crashes a Go-Kart

By Ryan Gaydos

John Smoltz is known for being a terrific starter and even a better closer when he made the transition back and forth during his long career with the Atlanta Braves, St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox. However, what Smoltz is not known for is his go-kart driving skills which is perfectly evident in this video that Deadspin found earlier Tuesday.

It looks like Smoltz is driving around the track at speeds between 20 and 30 miles per hour and just lost control and sent the kart flying into the wall. Luckily for Smoltz, the wall was extremely padded and much to everyone’s surprise, Smoltz was smart enough to wear a helmet unlike many stars of our time (e.g. Ben Roethlisberger, Kellen Winslow).

In his career, Smoltz won 213 games and lost 155. Smoltz recorded 154 saves during his 21-year career that ended in 2009 with the Cardinals.

Smoltz also played in 25 post season series with the Braves as well. He recorded a record of 15-4 in 27 starts in the postseason. Smoltz also has a World Series ring to his credit. He also struck out 199 batters in the postseason as well.

It is better to know that Smoltz will not be remembered as a terrific go-kart driver rather he will be remembered as a great pitcher.

Currently, he has been seen working for TBS and MLB Network as a broadcaster.

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