Bryce Harper Looks Overmatched At the Plate

The Washington Nationals have a bright future, and one that could lead to multiple world series titles. Bryce Harper IS going to be a part of that, but right now Harper is looking a little overmatched at the plate. The Nationals brought him up on Saturday when they lost Ryan Zimmerman to an injury, and even though Harper has been a freak in the field, his bat hasn’t transitioned just yet.

Look, the kid is 19 years old and it’s going to take time for him to adjust to the best pitchers in the world. Harper is freakishly talented, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to just walk into a big league park and mash. He’s NEVER seen any failure on the baseball field, and his raw tools just overpowered everyone up until this point. Watching him hit the other night really made me decide: he’s not ready- and there is nothing wrong with that. He’s going to have to make adjustments to big league pitchers as scouting reports are going to spread like wild fire, and that’s what looks like has already happened.

I’m excited to watch Harper play as a baseball fan. He plays the game the right way. He might be a little arrogant (who wouldn’t be?), and he might have a terrible haircut, but he runs everything out, and seems to enjoy playing the game. That’s all that matters really. I wouldn’t really be concerned that he hasn’t hit yet, as I’ve said- it’s going to take some time. When he figures it out? He’s going to be the monster we all expect him to be. Just be patient.

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  • Ranse Munley

    6 for 13 is a nice adjustement don’t you think. In the field, on the bases or at the plate the kids got all the tools. 3-4 with 2-doubles last nite. Got 2-hits off best era pitcher to date this season.

  • Bobby Page

    Hey – are we watching the same guy that LA fans were amazed by… he goes 0-3 on Tuesday and another expert Gil Gerard chimes in he’s Overmatched. Check Wednesday highlights! Yes, he should get 400 AB’s in the minors but maybe he will get 500 in The Show. Stodgy old school thinkers were exposed in Money Ball.

    • gilgerard

      You guys act like a 3-4 game anoints him to the hall of fame. Are you his PR team? Sheesh.

      The night after he was AWFUL at the plate, I wrote this article. He then faced Joe Saunders- crafty but hardly overpowering and had a good night- looked comfortable.

      How is he going to look when he faces guys like Johan? Josh Johnson? etc. etc. Like he did the night before? Or the game he went 3-4.

      Did you not read anything I said about Harper having all this skill in the world?

      If Bobby Page wants to be Billy Beane with his theories- good for him. How many titles has he won? HA! How many ALCS’s has he won- heck or playoff series’ in general?

      I’ll side with the Theo Epstein’s, Andrew Friedmans of the world who believe mixing Saber theory with player development breeds winning clubs. Seeing as each has had a huge amount of success. Especially Fman whom has a worse market than Oakland- AND has been in a tougher division in the past.

      I would recommend not acting like a high school girl who falls in love every time she walks down the hallway with a new dude.

  • Timmy D

    Gil, who sounds like a little girl? You put out a feeble article that was not only poorly written but was incredibly premature. Let’s watch the kid for a while then make our judgements. However, after today’s game winner, I sure don’t think he’s too awkward at all. So, you wrote a dumd article, we all do dumb things. Don’t be so defensive to criticism you put it out there

    • Timmy d sucks

      Timmy d your a f’ing idiot. This is a blog site not ESpn so who gives a crap if he missed a coma.

      What do u think of your golden boy now huh? This author was right on the money. Really talented but a dummy.. He’s not ready for big league pitching yet so deal with it