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Los Angeles Angels SP Jered Weaver Throws a No-Hitter Against the Minnesota Twins

It’s only been a matter of days since Chicago White Sox pitcher Philip Humber threw a perfect game before we saw our next extraordinary pitching performance. Los Angeles’ Angels’ Jered Weaver no-hit the Minnesota Twins tonight, giving the Angels’ franchise their 10th no-hitter in team history. More importantly to the Angels is they are finally picking up some stream, although Albert Pujols is still hitting like Yuniesky Betancourt. But let’s discuss the no-hitter more, shall we?

The last no-hitter that the Angels had was last season when Ervin Santana no-hit the Cleveland Indians in a 3-1 win. That’s the only no-no in Angels’ history that involved a run scored. Anywho, Jered Weaver was lights out against the utterly pathetic Minnesota Twins, striking out 9 over 121 pitches. It’s also worth pointing out the strike zone of home plate umpire Mark Carlson was pretty wide in the innings I watch, which is just like hanging a pork chop in front of a hungry dog. That hungry dog being Weaver, of course.

Of all the no-hitters I have watched in my life, this is least surprising one I ever witnessed. The Twins are flat out awful and Jered Weaver is a force to be reckon with. Once I heard he had one through five innings, I just nodded my head and thought to myself it was a done deal.

This isn’t the first no-hitter Jered Weaver has been apart of, however. In 2008, Jered Weaver and reliever Jose Arrendondo no-hit to the Los Angeles Dodgers over eight innings and lost. Since Angels lost and only threw eight innings, it’s not officially a no-hitter nor should it be.

Congratulations to Jered Weaver on his historic night tonight. Throwing the Angels’ 10th no-hitter in franchise history, and the 274th in Major League History. Now, when is it the New York Mets turn?