Former 1st Overall Pick Tim Beckham Suspended For Drug Use

By gilgerard

Tim Beckham was drafted number 1 overall by the Tampa Bay Rays a few years ago. It’s clear to everyone that Beckham has never lived up to his ability on the field, and has struggled pretty mightily on the field. Well, things just took a turn for the worst for Beckham as the MLB handed down it’s punishment of 50 games for Beckham’s positive drug test.

What a dumb decision. I mean honestly, what goes through the head of some of these guys? He has never hit over .275 in the minors, so he figured hey- I’m in AAA, let’s get high. Yeah, smooth move ace. What is this idiot thinking?

I don’t think Beckham will ever be whom the Rays thought he should be, and that’s a major disappointment. The Rays aren’t exactly loaded at SS unless Hak Ju Lee stays there, but ugh.

Beckham said in a statement, as Topkin tweeted, “I regret that my poor judgment resulted in me letting my teammates and the Tampa Bay Rays organization down.”

I don’t even want to bring it up, but Josh Hamilton was a top pick in the Rays organization and his problems are well told at this point. I’m not saying that Beckham is going to go down the road Hamilton went down, but you have to wonder if the Rays are just snake bit when it comes to first overall picks.

Hopefully Beckham learns how to figure it out, because it would be a shame if his career was derailed by such poor decision making.

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