It’s Official: Carlos Marmol Needs To Be Relieved Of Closer Duties

Carlos Marmol was downright bad today. When I mean bad? I mean throw up in your mouth bad. Marmol came in to protect a 3-0 masterpiece by Ryan Dempster. Marmol decided to walk the first 2 guys he saw. Figures. Ian Steward then made an error which scored a run. Jay Bruce singled, and Ryan Ludwick walked in the 2nd run. Marmol was then replaced by Rafael Dolis who got a tie game scoring ground ball double play, and then got a strike out to end the inning.

Carlos Marmol is bad. He’s really really bad, and I’m tired of watching. This is the major leagues boys, if you can’t throw strikes you have no business being on a big league club, let alone the closer of the club. What else does Dale Sveum need to see here? I mean, is he waiting for Marmol to blow 20 saves before making the obvious decision? I don’t even think it matters who Marmol is replaced by because that pitcher can’t do any worse.

I’m extremely angry watching this garbage. I no longer care about “how hard Marmol is working” because that doesn’t matter in the big leagues. It’s about results, and Marmol isn’t producing them. If he has a mechanical issue (which he does), than fix it. That hasn’t happened either so how hard is Marmol actually working?

Teams just cannot blow saves like this. Sadly, the Cubs would be in a better shape if they had a closer getting 3 outs. I don’t even care if a closer blows a save because he got lit up, that’s going to happen from time to time- to everyone. The problem is Marmol gets himself into trouble and that’s what can’t be tolerated any longer.

It’s time to make the move. Period.

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  • scot7209


    I am sooo damned tired of this bullsh*t and screaming at the damned tv or computer. I think just about anyone with half a brain will understand and accept the closer who gets the has a walk-off game winner hit off him once in the great while. On the other hand I can’t take this garbage anymore.
    The Cubs may not have a great team this year-by any stretch of the imagination-but they’d certainly have a fairly competitive and fun one to watch if they’d simply lose this dead weight.
    It is INSANE to allow this loser to continue to blow games in otherwise extremely well pitched contests.

  • Larry Semla

    Is every Cubs decision maker ” STUPID” !!! Marmol has been blowing games for 2 years…. and he is STILL called upon to lose games. Come on…enough is enough…. let Dempster finish the game…. if he gets into trouble then make a switch…. you guys could F-UP a wet dream….

  • Angelo Coduto

    You are right on the money. He cannot find the strike zone and has screwed up some games that were teed up for him to finish. I feel bad for Dempster, Garza and Samarzda because they have pitched the hearts out and this guy has ripped them and many Cub fans guts out. The sad part is that we can’t even get anything for him in the trade market.
    It’s hard enough to know that we are not going to win many games this year but this guy has snatched defeat from victory four times that i have seen alreday this year.
    CUT YOUR LOSES with marmol.
    Lifetime Cub Fan