New Magic Added to the Dodgers Family

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“Frank’s not here anymore. We should be clapping for just that.”

What a great way to start off the new with the old withVin Scully the greatest Radio Broadcaster ever. Just listening to him open the press conference was chilling, you hang on his every word, and when he finishes, you want him to keep talking,

Bud Selig wasn’t at the press conference, nor was he missed, however when Magic got on the microphone, energy was immediately infused into the press conference, especially since Magic sounded like he just had good piss before he got on the mic. I loved every word that Magic said, he was excited, he loves the Dodgers, he loves the city and I know he will infuse a love for baseball that this town hasn’t had for a loong time.

Next on the mic was Stan Kasten and even though he’s a guy that works in the background, he was very well spoken and his plans for the team certainly got me excited. This is a guy who understands what a person wants when they come out to the ballpark.

When we come to the ball park we buy a seat and they buy our time and in Los Angeles, time is an important commodity so for him to recognize that was excellent.

One of the first things that the new owner’s did was to lower the price of parking to $10, down from $15 and on par with the Angels parking price of $10, in an obvious move to compete directly with them. They have also earmarked $300 million towards Dodger Stadium and stated that just because they paid a high price for the team doesn’t mean they’re going to take it from the fans or limit them in Free Agency and Trades.

I’m very excited for this new group and I’ll be following them verrrry closely, so stay tuned.

Introducing your new Dodgers Owners

Mark Walter: CEO of Guggenheim Baseball Management, and Chairman of Dodgers.

Magic Johnson: Part owner of Dodgers and face of team.

Stan Kasten: Club President & CEO of the Dodgers.

Peter Guber: Chairman of Mandalay Entertainment, I won’t even go into what Mandalay has done but you can see for yourself. Bringing Hollywood to the Dodgers.

Todd Boehly: President of Guggenheim Partners, which owns Guggenheim Baseball Management.