New York Mets Need To Start Playing Better, Part One: Batters

By Tyler Moore

I’ve said from the beginning that the New York Mets are a better team than people are giving them credit for, and in April they proved me right. In May, they haven’t so far, albeit only two games into May. In this past series against the Houston Astros, in which the New York Mets got swept, they were outscored 18-7. They can’t be doing that. I’ve said that this is a good team, they need to play like it. They should be taking at least one game, preferably two. They are still in third place, but if they don’t change their play quick, they”ll lose it. They have problems, they need to correct them. This is part one of two. Check out part two which looks at the problems with pitching.

One problem is with the outfield. When Andres Torres returned, Kirk Nieuwenhuis got knocked to left field, and Torres took over center field. When Jason Bay returns, it’s likely that Nieuwenhuis will be sent down by the New York Mets, and Bay will take over left field. Why would he be sent down after how well he’s played? The team doesn’t really have a position they will have him play everyday when Torres, Bay, and Lucas Duda are all available, so they would send him down to allow him to still start everyday. Why should Torres be starting though? So far, I’ve seen Kirk have better range in center field, and is a better overall player than Torres. For some reason, Terry Collins insists on keeping Torres in center field, when Kirk is the better option.

Ike Davis needs to start hitting again. He has shown some signs of life recently, but he needs to become the Ike Davis we all know and love. He’s a great player, and it can be assumed he is going through the sophomoric slump. He needs to officially come out of it and start really contributing to this offense.

The New York Mets have committed a total of 21 errors so far this season. This is the fifth most in all of Major League Baseball. Daniel Murphy and Josh Thole have had a lot of those errors. Murphy so far has five, while Thole so far has four. The New York Mets have ten players who have one error. They have a total of 13 players who have made at least one error. They need to play the field better. Murphy still has learning to do, that’s understood. However, the errors need to slow down. A total of 21 errors in 25 games is unacceptable. The only teams that have more errors than the Mets are the Toronto Blue Jays, Baltimore Orioles, San Francisco Giants, and the San Diego Padres.

This is just about the hitting and the fielding. This doesn’t even mention the issues I have with the pitching.

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