New York Mets Need To Start Playing Better, Part Two: Pitchers

By Tyler Moore

I’ve said from the beginning that the New York Mets are a better team than people are giving them credit for, and in April they proved me right. In May, they haven’t so far, albeit only two games into May. In this past series against the Houston Astros, in which the New York Mets got swept, they were outscored 18-7. They can’t be doing that. I’ve said that this is a good team, they need to play like it. They should be taking at least one game, preferably two. They are still in third place, but if they don’t change their play quick, they”ll lose it. They have problems, they need to correct them.  This is part two of two. Check out part one which looks at the New York Mets problems with hitting and fielding.

Manny Acosta has looked terrible this season. A lot of fans have given him a pass because he did pretty well last year, but I won’t. He needs to step it up, or he will definitely be leaving the New York Mets sooner rather than later. Every time he comes in I have no confidence in him. In fact, whenever he pitches I am afraid he is going to blow it wide open. Acosta really needs to step it up and be the pitcher he was last year.

Terry Collins is not doing great with the bullpen. He is overworking them, and it’s going to be showing soon. That’s a big reason why I disagreed with his decision to pull Jon Niese after 60 pitches on Tuesday. The starting pitchers need to start limiting the pitches they throw earlier in the game so they can pitch deeper into the game, thus not forcing Collins to use his bullpen so much and wearing them out.

Chris Schwinden needs to step it up. He was given a bit of a pass after his start in Colorado, mainly because it was in Colorado. He still didn’t pitch well against the Astros. The New York Mets are going to need to look to see if they can get another starter, but, for the time being, he might be the one they are stuck with. I won’t say he’s a good pitcher, he hasn’t proven to me that he is. He can have decent starts, and he needs to start having them. Chris Young will be coming back eventually, provided he doesn’t get injured worse, and he’ll put pressure on Schwinden’s job, but right now there isn’t a really good option to replace him.

Frank Francisco needs to step it up too. He was brought here to close games and to not give up runs. This year he is 1-1 with five saves and one blown save. He was pitched in 10.1 innings, but has allowed nine runs, eight of which were earned. His earned run average is 6.97. Batters are hitting .326 against him. He needs to step it up. If he doesn’t I think he might start getting in danger of losing his job to Jon Rauch, who has had a good year thus far. Sure, Francisco has five saves, but three of them came during the opening weekend sweep against the Atlanta Braves. He’s pitched in eight games since then, and has not looked good. This is really hurting the New York Mets.

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