Report: Mariano Rivera Out for the Season with a Torn ACL

By Bryan Lutz

I don’t know what’s going on with closers this season, but it’s like some sort of Final Destination type of thing going on. We have already seen Ryan Madson, Joakim Soria, Drew Storen, Andrew Bailey miss time due to injury, and now with the bizarre batting practice injury New York Yankees‘ closer Mariano Rivera will probably miss the rest of the season with a torn ACL.

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Mariano Rivera was shagging a flyball from Jayson Nix – who was just called up – when the injury occured. This is just awful for Mariano Rivera. It was highly likely this was going to be his last season with the Yankees as is, and now we have to watch the greatest closer ever go out like a wounded thoroughbred. Throughout his entire hall of fame career, Mariano Rivera pitch less than 50 games just once, so it’s safe to say he was never an injury liability.

It’s easily one of the most bizarre injuries in recent memory. While some injuries are funny like David Price wiping down too violently, this one is just sad. Having said that, will the loss of Mariano Rivera even hurt the Yankees all that much? The answer is between yes and no.

Yes, because he’s the greatest and most consistent reliever of all-time. But no, because the Yankees’ bullpen is already one of the better and deeper bullpens in the American League. It’s unclear who will take over the closing duties yet, although David Roberston – who is one of the best relievers in baseball – has to have the inner track over Rafael Soriano. Robertson has been dominating hitters for a little over three years now, with a K/9 over 12. Soriano – whose WHIP is at 2.00 – has the closing experience but is lacking the results that the Yankees wanted when they signed him to a long-term deal.

So while this is a devasting injury, I don’t think it will hurt the Yankees that much in the regular season. It might be the difference in a couple wins. Where it will really hurt is in the postseason where Mariano Rivera is the hammer of God.

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