The Wisdom of Jamie Moyer

By Peter Ellwood

Jamie Moyer pitched on Sunday, April 29th, and took the loss in his worst outing of the year. Overall, he still has a 3.14 ERA in 2012, which is incredible for a 49-year old who can rarely touches 80-mph with his fastball anymore. If you need further proof of how impressive his performance has been this year, he recently became the oldest pitcher in MLB history to record a win.

At the moment, my interest is not focused on Jamie Moyer’s on-field performance. Instead, it is focused on this image, or this string of images in .GIF format. You have to pay attention, as Moyer isn’t supremely noticeable due to the fracas, but you’ll find him in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

The Colorado Rockies celebrated a walk-off victory against the Los Angeles Dodgers, thanks to a three-run homer from fellow old guy Jason Giambi (age 41). In general, teams and players around Major League Baseball celebrate walk-off wins the same way. There is a lot of jumping up and down, smiling, frivolity, and for some reason a lot of slapping and hitting the player who delivered the winning hit.

Jamie Moyer, at age 49, celebrates walk-off victories a little differently.

In this celebration, I like to think Moyer is playing one of three roles:

  1. Clubhouse Dad – he just wants to make sure no one gets hurt, a la Kendrys Morales in 2010. “Easy, easy with the jumping guys, don’t hurt Jason, he may seem big, but he’s just a teddy bear. Troy! I see you, don’t make me come over there.”
  2. Outcast – Moyer is new to the Rockies, and maybe there is animosity towards a 49-year old occupying a roster spot that could go to a younger prospect. His new teammates reject him from the circle. “It’s cool, guys, I’m good over here. But yeah! Go celebrate! Go team! Someone give me a high five. Please?”
  3. Wise Veteran –  Moyer has seen lots of walk-offs in his day. He’s also put 25 seasons of wear and tear on his body, and he has 8 kids at home, so he’s just conserving as much energy as possible. “Alright…good job everybody…we can go home now…I’ll, uh, take the first shot at the ice bath if no one minds…has anyone seen my BENGAY recently?”
I also find it very fitting that the 49-year old Moyer wears the number 50. Somehow, I have no doubts that he’ll still be pitching at the half-century mark in 2013.

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