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Mariano Rivera: “I Will Be Ok, I Will Be Back”

Considering New York Yankees’ closer Mariano Rivera is the closest thing to the terminator we have seen in the game of baseball, it’s fitting that he drops the infamous “I’ll be back” line.

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If you want more conformation of Rivera’s comeback, you can look at this tweet the Yankees tweeted and Mariano re-tweeted:

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I’m not surprised whatosever that Mariano Rivera wants to return for the New York Yankees. There’s a reason the man is still pitching at age 42, it’s because he’s one of the greatest competitors in the world. There is absolutely nothing Mariano Rivera needs to prove at this stage in his career. Let’s take a look at the accoloades Mariano Rivera has accomplished in his hall of fame career: 12-time all-star, 5-time Rolaids Relief Man, 6-time, Sporting News reliever of the year, 5-time World Series Champion, 1999 World Series MVP, and lastly Sporting News pro athlete of the year in 2009. Any pitcher would love just a taste of what Mariano Rivera has accomplished, let alone all of those things.

Honestly, this injury might be a blessing in disguise not only for Mariano Rivera but the New York Yankees as a whole. We haven’t see someone else close games for the New York Yankees since John Wetteland did in 1996. For all intensive purposes, very little of us even remember the last game we watched where Mariano Rivera wasn’t the primary closer. With the writing on the wall that Rivera is close to retiring even before this injury, the New York Yankees need to find out who will be the closer post-Rivera. And with this unfortunate turn of events, they will find out if their young right-handed relief ace, David Robertson, can fill the void this season and beyond.

If Roberston doesn’t pan out, then they know they don’t have the in-house solution. This also allows Mariano Rivera to rest up some. Now, granted, he has never showed signs of slowing down due to his age, but I can’t imagine a 42-year old pitcher wouldn’t benefit from time off.

On the surface, this injury looks catastrophic for Mariano Rivera and the New York Yankees. But it’s not like they are going from Mariano Rivera to Todd Jones. Whether it’s David Robertson or Rafael Soriano, the Yankees have options in the back end of their bullpen.

To close, I hope Mariano Rivers comes back and dominates the game like he always has been. He’s easily one of favorite players in the game.

Get well, Mariano.