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Beastie Boys’ MCA Honored by New York Mets with Walk-Up Songs

Yesterday, Beastie Boys founder Adam “MCA” Yauch passed away from salivary gland cancer at the age of 47. The news was both stunning and sad for fans not only of the legendary rap group, but New Yorkers as a whole.

In a tribute to MCA, as the New York Mets took to the batter’s box yesterday, they each played a Beastie Boys song as their individual walk-up tune. It was an awesome gesture of respect by a group of guys who likely grew up on the Beasties music like so many of their generation and the generations before them.

Here’s a list of the tracks each of the players walked out to:

Ruben Tejada- “Intergalactic”

Daniel Murphy- “No Sleep Til Brooklyn”

David Wright- “Brass Monkey”

Lucas Duda- “The New Style”

Scott Hairston- “Root Down”

Ike Davis- “Fight for Your Right”

Andres Torres- “So Whatch’a Want”

Josh Thole- “Make Some Noise”

Dillon Gee- “Body Movin’”

Out of this bunch, I have to say I like David Wright and Scott Hairston’s style.

The Beastie Boys were innovators and these two songs were two of the most innovative in music at the time they were released.

The Mets recognize the contribution the Boys made to music and popular culture– and for that matter– to the mindset of several generations.

It’s a classy move by the Mets to honor them in a way that is still a staple of the game. Creative legends deserve to be honored with public gestures. Without them, our lives would be bland and not nearly as exciting.

Kudos for the Mets for recognizing that fact.

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