Bryce Harper Steals Home

By gilgerard

Bryce Harper is known for his bat, but he might start making a name for himself with his legs. Bryce Harper stole home in tonight’s game for his first career stolen base.

It wasn’t what you think though. He didn’t take off on the pitch Benny “the jet” Rodriguez style. He took home on a pickoff attempt to first.

Harper is one of the best young players in all of baseball, and will continue to be fun to watch. If he continues to ingest his energy in this Nationals team, he’ll be in good shape. Hopefully he’ll show us what it looks like to steal home on the pitch at some point. That will be fun to watch. Here in the  Rant Sports fantasy leagues, I get ripped on quite a bit for my Bryce Harper looks overmatched article, so if you want to throw in your two cents- check it out for yourself.

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