Phillies' Cole Hamels Admits He Hit Bryce Harper on Purpose; Harper Doesn't Care

By Bryan Lutz

Sunday Night’s game between the Philadelphia Phillies and Washington Nationals  didn’t have a dull moment, that is until the Phillies put away the Nationals in the 9th. But this game will be remembered because of what happened in the first inning when Cole Hamels plucked Bryce Harper in the midsection. The Nationals enacted some revenge on the Phillies when Harper stole home on a Hamels’ pick-off move to first, and then Jordan Zimmermann hit Hamels in the knee on his first at-bat after the Harper beaning.

Apparently, after the game, Cole Hamels wasn’t very shy about his intentions with the pitch.

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Awesome. Literally awesome, no sarcasm involved whatsoever. Harper is getting the rock star treatment right now (deservedly so), but Cole Hamels – a guy who has been around and paid his dues – makes sure Harper knows he’s just a another blip on the radar right now in the big leagues. You want to know what makes this even better? Bryce Harper being the complete B.A. he is.

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I’m in love. He’s arrogant and cocky but he also works his butt off and doesn’t take anything for granted. He really is Pete Rose re-incarnated, sans the gambling and what not.

This type of stuff helps baseball whether you want to admit it or not. It was all clean. No one got hurt or hit in the head or anything, so I am all for this. Outside of like four traditional rivalies, the general audience doesn’t care about other match-ups unless their team is involved. But with the drama behind tonight’s game, people might start caring about the Washington Nationals and Philadelphia Phillies.

Even though one team’s window is opening (Nationals) when the other team’s is closing (Phillies), this rivalry will be something to keep an eye on throughout the remainder of the season.

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