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Babe Ruth House Up For Sale

How would you like to own a piece of history?

Maybe piece is a little understated. What about 5,000-square feet of history?

Anyone that collects sports memorabilia or even specifically New York Yankees memorabilia, this next item might be a must have to fans or collectors of any kind. The estate known as “Home Plate Farm” is going up for sale in Sudbury, Mass. The fine estate was once own by New York Yankee legend George Herman Ruth, otherwise known as Babe Ruth.

The Sultan of Swat lived at this mansion of sorts from 1922-1926 when he was not in New York playing for the Yankees.

Coldwell Banker agent Scott Adamson said that “it’s got a ton of modern features, but I think Babe Ruth would still recognize it even today because it retains many of the original features.”

The purchase of the house might be a burden rather than a blessing. The house owners Dennis and Julie Galvin always receive knocks on their door from baseball tourists wants to see the house. Not only that, the potential buyers will have to drum up some kind of money to get the house.

Aside from the bad part, the Babe Ruth house includes a memorabilia room that has old framed pictures of Ruth and his playing days. The estate also includes a part called Willis Pond. The legend behind that is supposedly when Ruth pushed a piano through the ice covering the pond to prove his brute strength. Ruth was a bit of a showman.

The amount of money for the house could possibly right the ship of the housing market. Well, not really but be sure that anyone who purchases will dig up a great sum of money. Coldwell Banker has it listed for $1.65 million.

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