Cole Hamels Hit Bryce Harper Out Of Respect

By gilgerard

Cole Hamels is one of the best left handed pitchers in baseball, and every baseball fan would love him on their team. Let’s cut to the chase. With all the hoopla surrounding Hamels after admitting hitting everyone’s favorite son Bryce Harper on purpose, it’s time to look at another angle. Hamels hit Harper out of respect.

The Philadelphia Phillies and Washington Nationals are going to have a rivalry for some time, and I can’t wait to see how it plays out, but seriously- why is this a big deal? Cole Hamels took an old school approach to an arrogant rookie that has all the attention on him. He hit him in a non dangerous spot.

If Harper wasn’t Harper, would Hamels have hit him? Of course not. Cole Hamels knows Bryce Harper is special, and he wanted to let him know that. Only the best rookies get that kind of treatment from all stars. Why would Hamels bother for someone not special?

I absolutely loved it. I love that kind of baseball. It isn’t malicious, it’s part of the game. The problem is baseball is turning into a little girls game. Grow up, and put the big boy pants on. He hit Harper in a spot that wasn’t going to injure him. He didn’t throw at his head. Baseball needs to be policed on the field, and frankly- it won’t happen. I’m sure Hamels will get a suspension, but he doesn’t deserve it.

Cole Hamels hit Bryce Harper because Bryce Harper is awesome. Harper got revenge and stole home. End of story. Hopefully baseball leaves this alone and simply fines Hamels.

Great baseball.

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