Cole Hamels Suspended 5 Games: Commissioner Bud Selig is an Idiot

By Jeff Shull

After Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels admitted he threw at Washington Nationals phenom Bryce Harper, I assumed the baseball world would forget about it in the next 48 hours. Apparently there is extra punishment for throwing at baseball’s next big thing, because Bud Selig suspended Hamels five games for something that happens almost every day.

The audacity Selig has to be so transparent about this it is sickening. He’s obviously sending a message to the players around the league; if you throw at a superstar you will be punished for it. I also really do not give a damn if the reason is that Hamels admitted publicly he threw at Harper on purpose. Do you really need a major league pitcher to inform you when he threw at a guy on purpose? These guys are more transparent than Selig with this suspension when they hurl 90 at an opponent’s head.

Is anyone else disturbed that Hamels got the same amount of games that the idiot down in Florida got? Ozzie Guillen publicly supports Videl Castro in a community full of defected Cubans, and these two warrant equal suspensions? Bud Selig usually has his head on right, but this decision has me questioning how much longer he should be in charge.

And how about the fact that Jordan Zimmerman retaliated and has not received any suspension whatsoever. Way to disguise who you’re trying to protect.

This thing goes on in baseball all the time, and I’m completely OK with it. I love it when a pitcher protects one of his players. Hell, I love it when a pitcher just does it for no reason. They usually take something off the pitch and hit them in a safe region. So the guy has a bruise for a couple days, no harm no foul. Obviously it changes things when a pitcher goes after the head, but those incidents are usually accidents.

As our own Rant Sports writer Gil Gerard says, Hamels was paying Harper respect. I completely agree with this. Teach the young buck a lesson, let him take his base and move on. Selig was way out of line suspending Hamels for his next start. It’s completely undeserving and it should be appealed.


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