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Cole Hamels Suspended 5 Games; Doesn’t Deserve It

Cole Hamels was suspended 5 games by Major League Baseball for intentionally hitting Bryce Harper. Not a surprise, but a terrible move by MLB. No shock. Baseball has turned into a game for little girls, and it’s turning into a joke.

Everyone should miss the days where games were policed by players on the field. As long as injury doesn’t happen, there’s no reason for a suspension. This is a rivalry between the Philadelphia Phillies and Washington Nationals. Let it happen on the field.

In my opinion, Hamels was suspended because it was Bryce Harper, and MLB wants to turn him into the face of the next decade. If this had happened to say, Darwin Barney of the Chicago Cubs, would this punishment have happened? I don’t know- maybe?

It’s a shame. It really is. Bryce Harper is a special player, but the amount of coverage he’s gotten for not doing anything special yet is disgusting. He’s clearly the Tim Tebow of MLB, and it’s obnoxious. The kid is as arrogant as it comes and Cole Hamels said know your place rookie. Harper got revenge by stealing home, and Hamels got hit in the leg in his next at bat- which was a great move by Jordan Zimmerman.

Is Zimmerman going to get suspended? So far- he hasn’t. Which sends another ridiculous message across baseball. What is that message exactly? Only certain guys get suspended for hitting certain players?

Another black eye by a Bud Selig run league. No wonder Baseball is falling in ratings.

Gil Gerard is a baseball writer that loves getting paid to blog about his love. If you know where  the name Gil Gerard came from, I’ll give you a dollar!