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Mike Rizzo: Nationals GM Calls Cole Hamels Fake Tough

Last night’s game between the Washington Nationals was awesome. You had steals of home, bean balls, a broken wrist (not awesome), and a 2 home run guy by a fantasy player of mine. What happened after the game was even better. Cole Hamels admitting to reporters that he hit Bryce Harper on purpose. Yesss. Welcome back to 1955. Mike Rizzo, Nationals GM was none to pleased about that, and called Cole Hamels “fake tough” in the process.

Mike Rizzo says:

“Players take care of themselves,” Rizzo said after I called him this morning. “I’ve never seen a more classes, gutless chicken [bleep] act in my 30 years in baseball.

“Cole Hamels says he’s old school? He’s the polar opposite of old school. He’s fake tough. He thinks he’s going to intimidate us after hitting our 19-year rookie who’s eight games into the big leagues? He doesn’t know who he’s dealing with.”

That’s awesome. It gets better.

“He thinks he’s sending a message to us of being a tough guy. He’s sending the polar opposite message. He says he’s being honest, well, I’m being honest. It was a gutless chicken [bleep] [bleeping] act. That was a fake-tough act. No one has ever accused Cole Hamels of being old school.”

Mike Rizzo needs to grow up a bit here. That’s PART OF BASEBALL. Always has been, always should be. I would have done the same thing if I were Hamels. Did Harper break his butt bone? No. Did he break a rib? No. He hit him in a non dangerous spot, and said welcome to the big leagues kid. The crazy thing is that was Cole Hamels showing his respect for an incredibly talented kid like Bryce Harper. If Harper didn’t matter, Hamels doesn’t welcome him properly.

We can talk bounty programs all we want, but no one paid Cole Hamels for doing so- so there is no bounty. If Hamels wanted to hurt Harper, he hits him in the head area, and I’d be ripping Hamels apart. He hit him low, and that’s fair game. This is baseball, and I love it.


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