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MLB Chicago Cubs

Purdue Baseball Wants To Host NCAA Regional At Wrigley Field In Chicago

Could college baseball really be coming to Wrigley Field?  If the Purdue baseball team has their way, the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field will play host to the Purdue hosted regional in the NCAA Baseball Tournament.  Purdue, at 35-9, is basically a lock to host a regional, but won’t have anywhere to play.  Enter Wrigley, which would be a fantastic draw for Purdue and their regional pod.

Purdue baseball dropped two out of three games to UCLA over the weekend, but they are still a strong contender for a national seed or at the very least, a regional.  If Purdue baseball is unable to lock up Wrigley, they will most likely end up playing their regional in Gary, Indiana.

I know this might be far fetched, but who wouldn’t love seeing some college baseball in Wrigley Field?  It works out because the Chicago Cubs are on the road that weekend.  These college kids could have the experience of a lifetime.  Imagine getting to play a game in Wrigley.  It is something that most kids can only dream about, but the Cubs and Purdue could bring that dream to life for four college baseball teams.

With the season winding down, a decision will have to come through.  If both Purdue and the Cubs can reach an agreement, it will be one of the coolest things to happen in sports.  I guarantee Purdue baseball would get amazing press and the Cubs would be lauded for letting the colleges use the field.

As a diehard Purdue fan, I would love to see this happen.  Let the kids play in Wrigley.  Do you agree with my sentiment?  Let the rest of Rant Sports know by leaving a comment below