The New York Yankees split a series in Kansas City

The New York Yankees won a game 10-4 on Sunday afternoon in Kansas City.  They ended up splitting the four game series which isn’t good but at least they finished on a good note.  The Kansas City Royals came into the series 0-10 at home and ended up beating the Yankees in two games.  The Yankees offense had been in a funk coming into this game.  They scored three runs in three games at home against the Baltimore Orioles.  They then came to Kansas City and in three games did a little better but still weren’t scoring.  They busted out with ten runs in this game and lets see if they can start going the other way offensively.

The Yankees offense being inconsistent and not hitting with runners in scoring position has been a problem for the last couple of years.  The Yankees have to find a way to do better offensively, they are known for their offense and they pay guys a lot of money to produce.  Robinson Cano came into the game with four RBI and got four in one game to double his total.  Mark Teixeira has been terrible and to me he is the guy to get on.  Cano is going to get better and Rodriguez hasn’t been great but he hasn’t been terrible either.  Nick Swisher has had a great start so Teixeira is the guy you can get on the most as he never hits in the beginning of the season and he doesn’t hit in the postseason either.

Will the Yankees have enough offense this season to win the division or at least one of the two wildcards to make the playoffs??  The Yankees pitching is their problem but that has been getting better and they expect to have Andy Pettitte back in the next week or so.  The Yankees bullpen even with out Mariano Rivera is very good.  It is the Yankees offense that is going to make or break them.  They need to find a way to score more regularly and especially with runners in scoring position.  The lack of clutch hitting is very frustrating and it would be nice to see the hitting coach work on these things.  It is a long season and it could be worse, the Yankees are hanging around and will begin a three game series with the Tampa Bay Rays who are one of the best teams in the league right now.

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