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Game Gets Chippy Between Cubs and Braves; Good For Baseball

Monday night the Chicago Cubs defeated the Atlanta Braves 5-1, but not before things got a little heated between the two sides.

The Cubs and Braves certainly aren’t rivals. They play in separate divisions, and let’s face it, the Braves have just been way better than the Cubs for years, but you wouldn’t have thought that Monday night.

It all started in the 3rd inning when Tommy Hanson hit Reed Johnson in the shoulder. The pitch got up and in and Johnson real quick, and nearly hit him in the face. This was not intentional. Reed Johnson is known for crowding the plate, and on this pitch the Braves were coming inside, it’s going to happen.

Fast forward to the 7th inning, and Cubs hurler Jeff Samardzija plunks Jason Heyward in the back. Heyward coincidentally hit a home run off Samardzija earlier in the game. Crazy right?

Well the Braves didn’t like that, and wouldn’t you know it, Eric O’Flaherty hits Cubs outfielder David DeJesus in the arm.

At this point the home plate umpire has had enough, and issues a warning to both teams. Braves Manager Fredi Gonzalez comes out to argue, and is subsequently ejected.

The retaliation by the Braves proves to be a failure, as DeJesus ends up scoring a crucial insurance later in the inning.

I am all for the chippiness that was on display Monday night at Wrigley Field. I don’t know if the players were fired up by Cole Hamels admission of intentionally hitting ‘the next big thing’ Bryce Harper, or what? I don’t care how it happens, I just like to see it happen.

Throwing at people is a classic baseball tactic, and it makes the game more interesting. Sure, some might call it Busch League, I call it entertainment.

Throwing at people in baseball, can lead to a bench clearing brawl, one of the greatest thrown downs in all of sports. Who doesn’t love a good baseball fight?

People can complain about player safety, but I say, whatever. They’re grown men, they know what they’re doing, and if they happen to get hurt, screw’em.

I hope to see the bitterness continue between the Cubs and Braves the rest of the series.

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