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In Left Field for the Dodgers, Carl Crawford?

What would you think about Carl Crawford playing left-field for the Dodgers? Now now before you yell “h— no” at me let me say something first because it may actually be a good idea.

First off, this line up can use any type of help we can get, and Carl Crawford, even though he had a bad season last year for the amount of money he made, compared to the Dodgers left fielders, he was pretty solid.

Secondly, he has great range, we have a slew of fly ball pitchers, and in the National League West pitching is important so to have a guy like Carl Crawford in left and Matt Kemp in center, the left side will be very hard to get lucky hits into.

Lastly, no way he repeats 2011, he’s too good. He’s 30 years old, which is in the middle of the prime of his career, and he hasn’t had a season that bad since his rookie season.

Also, the Red Sox really want to move that contract, so more than likely they will pick up a lot of the tab and it won’t cost us much, maybe a prospect or two and we get a guy that gives us speed, defense and a possibility of an offensive upgrade.

Now, I don’t think it will happen because of Bobby Abreu. In the 4 games he’s played with the Dodgers he has 3 hits, and has the trust of Don Mattingly. Now, he may not give us the power potential of Crawford, have his speed or range in the outfield but he’s infinitely cheaper and is a good clubhouse presence, which I can’t say much for Crawford.

So I have to say, stay away Dodger, he’s not worth it, we have too many outfielders as is.