The Philadelphia Phillies Need to Get Jimmy Rollins Out of the Leadoff Spot

The Philadelphia Phillies’ offensive struggles this season have been well-documented. Ryan Howard and Chase Utley are each trying to rehab from their own separate injuries, John Mayberry Jr. has been awful, and Shane Victorino isn’t playing like he wants a new contract in 2013.

Among the players that have been struggling is Jimmy Rollins, and it’s high time the Phillies move him out of the leadoff spot.

Charlie Manuel is a man of tradition. After all, this is the same guy who used Brad Lidge as his closer during that miserable 2009 season when Lidge blew 11 saves and posted a frighteningly awful ERA.

But Rollins hasn’t been getting the job done. He’s hitting .223/.275/.264 in 130 plate appearances, and his average has slipped drastically as of late. Rollins went 0-for-4 tonight, and he’s just 7-for-36 thus far in May, which puts him at .194 for the month. He’s batting .233 as a lefty and just .226 as a righty. Rollins is performing better as a leadoff hitter, at .234 compared to .216 as a three hole hitter, but it’s really not enough to warrant his staying in the top half of the lineup.

The Phillies’ offense really needs a kick start, and getting Utley and Howard back is huge. For now, I think the Phillies need to bat Juan Pierre in the leadoff spot. He’s overachieving this season, at .337 with a near-.400 on-base percentage following tonight’s two-hit performance, but as long as he is hitting, the Phillies should bat him leadoff. I would follow with Placido Polanco, then Victorino, Hunter Pence, and Carlos Ruiz fifth. Rollins deserves to hit around sixth in the lineup, followed by Ty Wigginton/Laynce Nix, Freddy Galvis, and then the pitcher.

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  • joycedaffodil

    Jimmy Pop Up out of the lead off spot: YES. Some spark in this club is missing. Having him in the lead off is definitely not the answer. Hamels and his latest wrinkle is something else. Charlie needs some help here. Mayberry another issue.