Boston Red Sox Pitcher Jon Lester Loses in 4-3 Loss to Kansas City Royals

By Brian Cote

This year’s version of the Boston Red Sox can be counted on for one thing at least and that is to be consistently inconsistent. Red Sox ace Jon Lester could not come up big and allowed four runs in only five innings of work to the Kansas City Royals as the Sox lost their third straight series.

After Boston went on a six game winning streak a week and a half ago to get to .500 the team has imploded again. The team is 12-18 and one will have to wonder when the panic meter will become a real concern.

Boston fans tend to blow things out of proportion, but they would seem to have legitimate concerns over this team’s performance thus far in the season. The team is at a point now where if they do not start winning and clicking on all cylinders than some significant changes will have to be made.

The pitching staff for one thing is a major concern. While the offense is near the top of the league in most categories the pitching staff boasts an awful and embarrassing 5.23 ERA.

So when is enough going to be enough with the current rotation? It is as evident as ever that the staff needs some shaking up.

The poor pitching has been in effect since the end of last season and it does not appear to be stopping anytime soon. Reports of Josh Beckett playing golf two days before missing a start because of a sore lat muscle only add fuel to the fire that Boston management need to make changes.

Boston has the bad combination of highly talented pitchers who are not pitching up to their potential and who are always injury prone. It sounds like it is time to reshuffle the deck.

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