Boston Red Sox Pitcher Josh Beckett Playing Golf Before Missing Last Start May Mean Team Needs Culture Change

By Brian Cote

The news is out there and it is not good for Boston Red Sox starter Josh Beckett. Multiple reports have surfaced that allege that Beckett was playing golf with teammate Clay Buchholz two days before missing last Saturday’s start against the Baltimore Orioles.

This is alarming for a multitude of reasons. The team’s replacement for Beckett in that game Aaron Cook only lasted a little over two innings and the Sox were subsequently swept at home by the Orioles.

Nice way for the so-called ace Josh Beckett to help his team. Beckett claims to be an ace in every sense of the word. He has had his moments, but lately they have been few and far between.

Unless Beckett was out on that golf course practicing some kind of alternative therapy to cure back problems with a golf swing he should be admonished for what he did, especially with how bad his team needs a pitcher to step up.

I’m sure Beckett was not taking a break from icing his back in the cold tub and doing a few hours of yoga to play some golf and clear his mind.

The pitcher who thinks that he is an ace is coming off to fans as more of a guy who has lost his focus and that has misplaced his priorities. Red Sox fans look at Beckett and his golfing partner Clay Buchholz as Mr. Glass A and B.

The pressure is tightening in Boston as the team continues to struggle and the days may be numbered for both Beckett and Buchholz in a Red Sox uniform if they keep pretending that they are aces on the golf course.

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