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Darius McClinton Hunter, Son of Torii Hunter, Charged With Sexual Assault of Child

Torii Hunter of the Los Angeles Angels won’t be playing baseball for awhile.  His 17 year old son in Texas, Darius McClinton Hunter, has been charged with sexual assault of a child along with four other high schoolers.  The Angels have placed Hunter on the restricted list until this issue is resolved.

This is a very serious situation and I am glad that the Angels are allowing Hunter time to deal with this issue.  Whatever his son did can not be good.  Charges like this tend to stick to someone, even if they are later dismissed.  It could turn out to be a very messy situation in which no one ends up looking good.

It is unclear what Darius McClinton Hunter ended up doing.  The assault happened about a month ago with the arrests finally coming out recently.  The charge is a second degree felony.  There is no word on when the situation has the potential to be resolved.

It could be awhile before we see Hunter back on the baseball field.  He has to be with his son throughout this process, so baseball should be second.  He should be making sure that his son is able to get through this mess, even if he is guilty or not guilty.

We hope that the Hunter family is able to figure out exactly went on before Torii returns to baseball.  I am sure it is a difficult time for everyone involved and we hope that it gets resolved quickly.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.