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Is Ryan Dempster On The Trade Block Due To His Hot Start?

Who would have thought Ryan Dempster was going to lead baseball in ERA this early into the season? This in turn could mean a ton of positive for the Chicago Cubs. Ryan Dempster is one of the better clubhouse guys in baseball, and is well respected by his teammates. He also happens to be a pretty decent pitcher that teams in the playoff race might want. I have to say yes, Ryan Dempster is likely on the trade block.

A lot of Cubs’ fans like Ryan Dempster, and that’s great. He’s definitely fan friendly, and fun to watch. He cares about his craft, and the team. He’s not selfish, and does a ton of charity work around the city. As much as I like Ryan Dempster the person, the Cubs should move Dempster and continue stockpiling young talent. With teams like the New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers in the market for a starter, it makes sense for the Cubs to see if they’d be interested and maybe snag a Manny Banuelos or Jacob Turner. Would I trade either for Dempster? Heck no- but I don’t have the face the pressures of a fanbase in a major market. The Cubs NEED to take advantage of Dempster’s hot start. They just have too.

Ryan Dempster would be a great addition to any team on and off the field. The Chicago Cubs need to actively search for a trade partner because they aren’t far away from being a contender all over again themselves. Trading Ryan Dempster would be a great start.

As a fan, I’d love to see a guy like Dempster get a shot at a ring. He’s worked his tail off for the franchise, and has far exceeded all expectations in his career. It’s time for Ryan Dempster to go after a ring with an organization that could get him there. I hope for the Cubs sake, they can get something for him. I hope for Dempster’s sake he gets the ring.