New Aaron Rodgers Promotional Ad For Milwaukee Brewers

By Michael Terrill

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers visited the Milwaukee Brewers spring training in March to see his favorite baseball team up close. One of the other reasons he visited the team in Arizona was to film a few promotional advertisements for the Brewers upcoming season.

Rodgers has already been seen in two ads so far this season. In the first one he is trying to impress general manager Doug Melvin and manager Ron Roenicke by throwing a few pitches on the mound. He uses a unique three-step drop before he delivers a pitch. In the second ad, the more humorous of the two, Rodgers is on the mound once again pitching to friend and Brewer favorite Ryan Braun. Braun is forced to shield his eyes while in his stance due to the glare coming off Rodgers’ Super Bowl ring.

The third ad is titled “Bad Reception.” It was released Monday morning and is very similar to the second ad as it involves Rodgers on the mound pitching to Braun with catcher Jonathan Lucroy set up behind home plate.

Braun is in his stance yet again and ready to receive the pitch. Just when Rodgers looks to be ready to deliver, his phone rings. Braun and Lucroy both look agitated as if they have been waiting awhile for Rodgers to stop being the “Monday morning quarterback” and play some baseball. Rodgers has to take the call as it is head coach Mike McCarthy asking if he is keeping up with his drills. Rodgers replies casually that he has been throwing every day. Rodgers ends the call abruptly as he claims to be “going through a tunnel.” Of course, the phone rings again disrupting Braun.

This is probably the weakest of the three ads so far but it is still fun to see Rodgers in a Brewers uniform with Braun involved. I hope Braun is in the remaining promos and hopefully the quality is similar to the second ad with the Super Bowl ring.

To see the new Rodgers promotional ad, click here.

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