Pulling David Wright Was Right Move

By Tyler Moore

Should the New York Mets have pulled David Wright this evening? After he was pulled, emotions arose, as it was shown that David Wright was yelling at manager Terry Collins after he was pulled. However, that doesn’t make it wrong to pull him. Of course he’s going to be upset about being pulled. He loves the game, plays it hard, and doesn’t want to be taken out. He’s a gamer and a leader, he’ll want to be the one getting hit, but he shouldn’t be the one actually getting hit.

I think Terry Collins made the right move pulling David Wright. D.J. Carrasco hit Ryan Braun the inning before right after a home run. With David Wright coming up, it was expected he would get plunked in retaliation. With the score 8-0, in favor of the Milwaukee Brewers, there was no reason to risk David Wright getting hit and injured and out for an extended period of time. I’d prefer him to sit a few innings and not get hurt over him getting hurt.

Bottom line is this: while David Wright didn’t agree with it, Terry Collins definitely made the right decision to pull him based on the situation. If it was a 4-2 game or something like that, I would say definitely keep him in, but it was an 8-0 game, so no reason to keep him in and risk injury to him. He has had a great season so far, and there is absolutely no reason to risk it in that situation just to play. David Wright is a wise player, a leader, and a gamer. He’ll realize eventually that Collins was right when he made that decision. He’ll also accept that and move on. It is who he is. I like that Terry Collins cares about his players and wants to protect them.

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