Second Juror Dismissed From Roger Clemens Perjury Trial For Sleeping

By Chris Hengst

I’m not sure how jurors continue falling asleep in the Roger Clemens perjury trial but it’s becoming an epidemic. U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton booted a second individual from the proceedings for catching a few zzzz’s during Brian McNamee’s testimony. The intrigue of Clemens’s former trainer regaling the days of their workouts and shots (the needle kind, not the fun, drinking kind) was apparently too much excitement for her. In a case that’s more of a caricature of senseless government spending with little hope for success, a juror sleeping during the key witness’s testimony characterizes the charade better than I ever could.

Clemens is still probably staring daggers through McNamee. Rusty Hardin is still walking around in tan-colored suits, smirking at the jury box and wondering if there’s any decent BBQ in the town. And the United States government, represented by a rag-tag team of legal experts who refuse to let the Steroid Era die its necessary death, are likely jealous of the two jurors now gone. The trial has dragged on for weeks with a conviction hinged on the iffy background of McNamee’s testimony. It’s not too much to ask a juror to remain awake for the seminal moments of the trial but who can blame them at this point?

There’s little else the prosecution or defense can offer to swing the case. Either the jury will fully believe McNamee and Clemens is convicted of all charges, they only believe him a little bit and Clemens gets the obstruction charge a la Barry Bonds or they won’t believe him at all and Clemens walks.

Waiting on the result is enough to put me to sleep.

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