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Brett Lawrie Gets Four Game Suspension For Hitting An Umpire With His Helmet; Too Little Or Too Much?

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Brett Lawrie of the Toronto Blue Jays is certainly passionate about the game of baseball.  That passion went overboard Tuesday night as Brett Lawrie had a rage eruption after being called out on strikes in the 9th inning.  Brett Lawrie thought strike 3 was actually ball 4 (which it was), and he ended up throwing down his helmet and hitting an umpire on the bounce.

For that instance of rage, Brett Lawrie has gotten a four game suspension from the MLB.  I am actually kind of surprised by this.  I was initially expecting a 10 to 15 game suspension.  I mean, he hit an ump with a helmet.  Delmon Young got 50 games for hitting an umpire with a bat.  I figured a helmet was about 20 percent of that.

I wonder if the suspension for Brett Lawrie was lowered due to how bad the call was.  I mean, that was a pitch that he should have swung at, but still.  It was awful.  The whole at bat was just awful.  This makes me think the league took that into consideration when throwing down the suspension.

All in all, I think the Blue Jays should be happy that he only got four games.  It could have been much worse.  In the scheme of things, four games is not a lot.  When people were speculating about possibly 20, this is a pretty good outcome.

What do you think?  Should Brett Lawrie have gotten more than four games?  Was the suspension too short or too long?  Let us know in the comments.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.