St. Louis Cardinals Players David Freese And Lance Berkman Wear Tuxedos On Trip To Los Angeles

By Riley Schmitt

David Freese on WhoSay

David Freese and Lance Berkman of the St. Louis Cardinals seem to be enjoying their trip out to Los Angeles. In fact, they are enjoying it so much that they decided to kick it old school and rock some awesome tuxedos.

I mean, take a look at those things.  That is absolutely glorious.  It takes a real sense of humor to rock something like that, but they both look fantastic.  I’m fairly certain that look turned some heads and with good reason.  That is straight out of a high school prom.

Just for that, I hope the Cardinals run off a long winning streak.  If you want to rock something like that, it is awesome.   It actually reminds of the Toronto Blue Jays players that went for the Dumb and Dumber look earlier this season.  This doesn’t have a movie background to it, but it is still pretty dang cool.

Whoever gave them this idea needs to be commended for it.  It is just a fantastic site to see.  I wish more players would go with this.  Instead of basketball players dressing like Urkel, they could show up to press conferences in tuxedos.  I think that is a much better idea, but what do I know?  Keep it David Freese and company.  This look is just too good.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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