Tim Raines Plays The Question And Answer Game

By Eric Haftel

MLB legend, Tim Raines took the time to speak with me and play a little, Question and Answer game. Basically I said a name or anything like that, and he said what came to mind. Included, we spoke on steroids, Jose Canseco, A-rod, George Steinbrenner, 96 &98 World Champion New York Yankees, and so much more.
This is a portion of an interview done on Monday, May 14, 2012.


Raines was candid during his responses and for many of the names Raines simply gave a one word-one sentence response.

For example, Derek Jeter– “Great Player”

Mariano Rivera– “Awesome”

Then Raines began to answer some of the hard nosed questions, such as:

George “The Boss” Steinbrenner- “Difficult, but I would play for him any time. He’s a guy that people love to hate, but he was great to me.”

Jose Canseco- “When he played, he was a special player. he did some stuff that a lot of people can’t do.

Steroids- “You think about Jose Canseco.”

Commissioner Bud Selig- “I think it’s hard when you have an owner that is commissioner…I wouldn’t mind them having an ex-player being commissioner.”

Ultimately, Raines was as open and honest about everyone that you could hope for. Whether it was Mark Teixeira, Albert Pujols, Steroids, or Jose Canseco, Raines said what he felt.

Hearing what a potential Hall Of Famer thinks about current and past players, gives you insight that nobody else can give.

The last person he talked about was the man he saw in the mirror, Tim Raines: “Great player, who can get along with anyone. He loves to laugh, but loves to work hard.”

You can’t ask for much more then that!

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